Wearing Gifted Items: When Does Sponsored Blogging Cross the Line?

Updated on Oct 12, 2012

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anonymours on November 03
cute pants!
DorisRussell on October 30
I don't think the bloggers get very much. the bloggers I have .,so called fashionistas,mostly wear the clothes I have in my closet.
natyponders on October 22
Great article! What bloggers decide or their concept of blogging will effect the blog and readers wether it is bad or good impact and they will learn by that anyway. I find nothing wrong if brands/shop and blogs need each other. Brands use blog as marketing, blog can be also a job, and a lot of blog readers or the blogger them self are potential customers. Big business!
walnutwhale on October 22
As a perpetually broke fashionista, I find sponsored items to be one of the most unexpected and wonderful perks of being a blogger. I refuse to wear things that don't resonate with my style - I recently had a sponsor send me a goodie bag of things that just didn't look like something I would wear in a million years, and I politely declined and returned it. [cont]
walnutwhale on October 22
sacrifices in order to become a professional in the field they are passionate about. I think there's a difference between someone who blogs for free things, and free things because you blog.
walnutwhale on October 22
I like to believe that most popular bloggers BECAME popular because they have a unique brand of style (although sometimes I do become bitter when seeing all the long legged barbie dolls gracing the front page of lookbook who just wear shorts and tanktops every day). Ultimately, blogging can be a lucrative business - and if that means selling out to "the man"... well, some people have to make -
dudzki on October 22
i dont find any wrong in free items. I have received some too but it was in form of giveaway or contest.. and i love joining giveaways.. :)
BeaGL on October 20
Love thiiiis! <3
HoneyCreeper on October 19
I don't really see a problem with gifted items. Ultimately, I would hope people wouldn't solely be swayed to purchase something just because someone they like has it, they themselves should like it too!
alaLadywolf on October 18
Great article. I think it really depends on the offer. Offered cheap clothes (many of us have tried Romwe by now at least) loses its luster quickly, and putting in a lot of work just to get free cheaply-made clothes isn't worth it for most of us. However, if an opportunity came our way to work with a legit brand/designer that we adore, why not take it? Everyone wants to be Miroslava right now!
filipina on October 18
bloggers still have the last say..
OAKMEAL on October 17
worth reading!
charmainemelissa on October 16
Being the optimist and trusting that the world is filled with good people, I think that most bloggers who are gifted with items would incorporate into their own style, and not showcase them just because of an obligation. I also think that especially in Chictopia, we are inspired by the outfit and not by the label.
alaLadywolf on October 18
I agree totally!
fredamans on October 16
I wish my blog posts were staged professionally, but then again it would lack my own personality so I'm good.
Swankyrana on October 16
worth reading for bloggers like me !! Thank you for sharing such good words !
Necca on October 15
However, most bloggers choose what they get to model for their sponsors. They aren't being told what to wear, and they get to chose clothes that are in their style.
JulieB on October 16
I agree with you Necca, Although brands use bloggers as a marketing tool, I think the restriction relies on the blogger deciding to wear it or not, they will wear what they like. of course I agree with the author by knowing there are a few that sell out.
pourprepapillon on October 15
this article is worth to read for us bloggers! Thanks for sharing and writing such good words for thought! ;)

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