What to Wear to Work: How to Keep Your Personal Style Work Appropriate

Updated on Oct 03, 2012

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deathstarkillas on October 29
Awesome article :D I really needed to read this xD
therealkmoroel on October 23
Great article, I always try to feel out my new job before I shock them.. As I too am tall 5'11 and many things can come off shocking.
PowderedPeach on October 20
I really loved reading this. I just started a job about a month ago and I am one of the few people who really tries to dress-up for work. One day I went in in 5 inch heels, because I saw that many of my co-workers were wearing heels and wedges. Everyone flipped, because I am 5' 10". Needless to say I wont be doing that again anytime soon. Thanks again for posting this!
PowderedPeach on October 20
That sounds like a great idea. I will have to try that next time I go to work. Thank you :)
imafever on October 20
Ha, that's exactly the experience I had at my last job - I too am 5'10". But in my case I always wore flats and tried to up the ante just by wearing two inch heels, which I think eased the shock factor a bit.
Kio on October 18
Great article! I am a Computer Engineer, and am one of a handful of women in my office. Most of the guys I work with look like they just came in from doing yard work. So my challenge is to dress in a way that allows me to express my style and feel put together, while not coming off as "snooty" or, I hate to say it, too feminine.
imafever on October 19
blazer in a comfortable cotton, or a stiff button-up versus a light, airy button-up with a subtle print. I hope you can find something that you can make work :)
imafever on October 19
Thanks for the kind words! I totally understand where you're coming from, and there's never going to be a single answer for all professions or work places. Maybe steering from stark colors (black) and really structured pieces can get you a work-friendly but also just friendly (as opposed to snooty look). It would be the difference between say, a black blazer with super sharp lines and say a tan
allisons on October 17
Oh Sarah! How did you make the transition from Medical Device Sales to fashion?! I have been stuck in the same sales rut for a while and feel compelled to make a change, and soon. I have been considering many options, but feel pulled in different directions: go back to school?, realize that work is meant to be called 'work' for a reason and my present position is just unsatisfying? etc.
imafever on October 17
Hey Allison! For me, it was a combination of good networking and doing what I loved (photography, and social media marketing it) on the side. One gave me experience, even though I didn't know it, and the other gave me a chance. If you wanna chat more, feel free to email me admin (at) sarahjehan.com.
theclothesmuse on October 16
This is a great guide! I always feel the office is restrictive, but hey, a girl's gotta dress up somehow. :D
mygrandmascloset on October 12
Love the blouse!
imafever on October 11
Thanks for all of your awesome comments, guys!
GeorgianaSiAtat on October 11
It's so cool! <3
bella_emme on October 10
thank you, i've been trying figure out what i'll wear when i finally do get a job. my boyfriend is no help, all the girls in his accounting honor society dress in such drab that i feel like i'm losing all my creativity and i need to crawl in a hole and die
imafever on October 11
Awww so happy to be of help!
lauralistar on October 10
I really love the article! I work from home now but I used to wear just the type of style you portrayed here when I used to work office. I think you did a great job of putting it together and the outfit was helpful for the woman that wants to be herself but be work appropriate too. Great job:)
HauteawayfromhomeHafh on October 08
Great article couldn't have said it better myself : ) well done!
fredamans on October 05
Great looks!
Riya131 on October 05
Love it!
pandaphilia on October 04
great tips! very to the point and helpful
emmabee96 on October 04
great article!

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