How to Survive Your First Internship (Warning: Your Sanity May Be Compromised)

Updated on Sep 03, 2012

Comments (16)

Tallia on April 05
Thanks for the tips! I should be looking for interships but it is just such a hassle! Ha! I also love the picture you put of Ann Hathaway
MariaAlyssa on September 22
I love these tips. Thanks for sharing you experience :)
Northern_Whale on September 11
perhaps your advice on the experience prior to the internship? how you prepared for it as far as your resume? previous experience you think assisted you getting that internship? etc? great article by the way, makes me feel better for the future.
melimelon67 on September 10
Thanks for the info!
bella_emme on September 10
congrats! thanks for the article, i will hopefully be starting my first real job soon so i need the advice.
marijakatrina on September 10
Congratis :) And thanks for the story
flowersinthecity on September 10
Yeah, totally! Glad that i lived through it too!
CHEAPwelcome on September 08
maryiangge on September 07
this works on 1st day of real work. great article!
TamQuoia on September 07
Good read
prettylittlething on September 06
Your article is totally spot-on. I've interned at an internationally-acclaimed fashion magazine and two huge PR agencies and I gotta say, internships may be tough (at times) but it really moulds your perceptions of the industry and shapes your experiences.
jenhz on September 05
If only I can get an internship...
debiparna_c on September 05
i enjoyed this a lot!i have always dreamt about such an internship and i often think about how i would deal with *insert absurd situation here* ..where i live (calcutta,india) i haven't come across any such opportunities..maybe when i move i will get something...being a film studies student i want to combine my love for fashion and films and work in the wardrobe department maybe someday..
iamraluna on September 05
Thanks for this review. I'm an upcoming senior in college and this is a big help for me when i take my internship later on :)
anchor on September 04
It's weird and naive to gather knowledge from a movie even though fashion industry seems rather unique... Good luck anyway :)
WildCatt on September 04
Don't have any intern experience, but enjoyed this article, and would like to hear more about the internship!

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