Does Personal Style Come At A Price?

Updated on Jun 25, 2012

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evylee on October 25
Me encanto el look!!! :D
therealkmoroel on October 26
Great article. I was tryign to tell a friend the same thing the other day.
EmmaZ on August 15
Loved this! Thanks for the reminder about not having to have everything like everyone else. It is so easy to get caught up.
TheLoulette on August 23
Way too easy!
WildCatt on July 30
Thanks, great article and reminder to fashion bloggers everywhere.
Flawless_nBrown on July 24
great piece!
annecheri on July 24
great article! love this line “Personality begins where comparison ends.” - true!
Mademoiselle_S on July 21
Very nice article!
sweetrucy on July 20
It really is all about your personality and how you put things together. Very good article.
mote_mee on July 19
Really good article! :)
lilimartinez on July 10
nice article!
Ramona_C on July 09
It's sad, but it's not enough just with great sense of style, you have to have money.
Ramona_C on July 09
This is great article! I can agree with You and disagree with You.No matter how you mix and match your wardrobe you have to have budget for new (at least) monthly fashion products purchase.It's impossible to be fashion blogger icon with small budget.No matter where you do your most of shoppings,it's Zara, or thrift shop you have to have some key designer pieces.Otherwise you're average.
patlaenz on July 08
good article,and i think its 50/50 between your style and what you can afford buying,the fashion industry its based on create constantly new tendencies otherwise people woudnt have to shopp for new trends.
DelightfulDecember on July 07
More proof that this article is true: I know many friends who dresses pretty well, and they haven't even gone shopping for years- while they have good staple clothing, they also know how to assemble things together.
filipina on July 07
great article! so true!
Brigitte on July 03
I know its not necessarily THEIR fault, but I have long ago stopped reading the blogs of all four bloggers you mentioned. They have an amazing lifestyle but fashion for me became awful - always lusting after things I could not afford or if I could just not in such high quantities. I focus on style blogs (as opposed to fashion) now like Dead Fleurette.
oizachic on July 02
powerful... and i'm sharing it...
marijakatrina on July 02
so true
ChicCheatCharley on July 02
This article makes me think of that Edna Woolman Chase (former Vogue editor) quote: "Fashion must be bought, style one must possess." Says it all, and I couldn't have said it better myself. Also, you can copy designer clothing by making your own versions, You don't have to be able to sew, necessarily, just customise, in some cases. I blog about it at Chic Cheat ( )
bellenoelle on July 02
"presentation, presentation, presentation"
SweetnSassy on July 02
Presentation is so important.
JAELA on July 02
Well said
WorkitStyles on July 02
I love this article.
tallandtiny on July 02
love this article! We aren't able to spend a lot of money on clothes, but we try to find unique cool pieces in second hand shops and mix it with cheap H&M items. Sometimes we get clothes from friends or familiy, it's great to mix and match all these different styles! It's also great to buy vintage clothes and change them, buy a strange dress and make a beautiful minidress out of it! Love, T&t
Bruicha on July 02
Great Article!!! I luv it!
ishootstyle on July 02
waow.. awesome article.. i'm pretty agree with you..
itsnotthatdeep on July 02
Great article..perfectly written and thought out...and I totally agree with you~
renate on July 01
I consider your article on of the best! Many people think like this: "oh, I can't dress like her, she's got a lots of money to spend on clothes and I don't". Well, thank you for clarifying this situation with your point of view, which I truly agree with!
emmabee96 on June 26
great piece, very well writtten
F4SHI0N on June 26
I don't think price matters!i even just started my own blog about my cheap chic wardrobe on blogger called "confessionsofachiccheapo"
KATEFP on June 26
This article is wonderful Monique! Style can't be bought, real style born with us.
Elodia on June 26
In my experience, I've often found that the clothing I find at thrift stores tend to be of superior quality to clothing in designer stores. Granted, it requires a lot of digging to find those thrift store gems, but it's definitely worth it. My point is, one does not have to spend a fortune to look stylish; you just have know how to make the outfit look good.! :)
4fs4ever on June 26
So no money doesn't always by style, class or make you stand out. It is you mind, personality and confidence to be true to yourself that does this!!!!! As you can see I LOVED THIS ARTICLE!!! I really think it is an important issue!!!!!
4fs4ever on June 26
People end up going in picking up the same nice cheap dress and looking like clones. It is sometimes good to be on a budget and actually have to mix things up a little or be a bit creative and think about things a little to achieve different looks which in the end I think makes you look more original and stand out in the end.
4fs4ever on June 26
I love the bloggers who can put anything together whether cheap or expensive make it look great who put their creative spin on everything and can take trends but make them their own. Sometimes I feel even the cheap high street fashion isn't good in the sense that sometimes it is easier for people to just go and by something new cheap and 'trendy'.
4fs4ever on June 26
Really love this!!! It is really important to be original even when embracing trends you need to always stay yourself!! Also, there are so many fashion blogs out there where there are pretty girls just standing wearing a pretty dress or expensive dress and just because you have an expensive designer dress on it doesn't necessarily mean your stylish or creative in any sense.
lavinia96 on June 26
i really love this article!
TheArtofStyle on June 25
great article :)
RachaelYesces on June 25
I totally agree with this! I personally am a thrifter, and I seem to dress(well in my friends' opinion) a lot more original and nicer than the richer girls in my school. Most of them dress almost the same as each other. I'll be honest, I'm not one of money, but it is not impossible to look nice with little money. I consider myself a "beauty on a budget," jajaja. Style should NEVER come at a price.
petiteavenue on June 25
Thank you for this! It's definitely true that it's possible to be very chic without putting money down the drain.
irisanddaniel on June 25
Great article! Definitely, money can't buy style. When thinking of fashion through "money buying style", it's really more about showing off the label than showing off the design and it becomes obvious that while the bag carried isn't cheap, the mindset buying it was far from stylish.
petiteavenue on June 25
Haha! People wearing Gucci tees, True Religion jeans, flashy Juicy Couture glasses come to mind...
morgsmorgan on June 25
Like this a lot soooo true! I primarily wear home made or vintage items with the random designer item I was able to snatch up for a fantastic price!
j_fo on June 25
<3 Love this article. And not to discredit, but i do feel as though some of the bloggers considered to be the" top dogs" do end up copying and pasting their outfits(especially at the beginning of a new season). It seems as though they lack personality/originality in their outfits and instead they just simply throw on a McQueen dress and call it a day.
petiteavenue on June 25
I know what you mean -- they all have the same things and it gets tiring.
AleksandraS on June 25
I completely agree with you there. Style is not something you can value with money and certainly can't buy it. I really loved the K.Lagerfeld quote. Liked, voted and shared :)

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