I Got It From My Mama: Mother-Daughter Celebrity Fashion

Updated on May 14, 2012

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anonymours on September 26
Dutchchic on August 06
To be honest, I don't really care. These people have lots of problems and I don't idolize them.
erin7697 on May 18
Riya131 on May 17
I know a relative recently met her she is only 10, I saw her at a party, wore a blazer on top of the dress. I was not being critical, just asked her, ''do you like wearing that blazer''? Her answer was loud and clear "NAH". I said did you choose this? Her mother did, of course I told her to take if off, straight away mama appeared, "she looks smart in it" I confronted it is not age appropriate!
shugavery on May 16
Your article is really well written but I disagree a little bit about Suri Cruise case, for sure it is good to develop your child personal style but If I were a mom I will never make her skip the akward pre-teen phase, because it is at that crucial moment when you become more personal and try to find your own style :). I am just if it doesn't happen to Suri how she will become, a copy of her mom ?
Riya131 on May 17
I agree!
looney_lovegood on May 16
That's a good point. I always wished that I dressed better in middle school, but I have noticed that a lot of my friends that dress very well now wore awful clothing a few years ago.
MyAlexasStore on May 16
Great article! My mom has always look fashionable also! One of my greatest past times has been shopping with my mom!
filipina on May 16
love your article! my mom had always been keen on fashion, and she is one of my inspirations!
Kimberellie on May 15
great article! I'm hoping as my daughter gets bigger to include her on my blog more as a little fashionista! I don't know if anyone at all is interested in this: but it would certainly please me! (and her nana!)
looney_lovegood on May 15
I think children's fashion is totally awesome! It can go wrong so easily, but if it's done right then it is a huge accomplishment on the part of both the mother and the daughter.

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