H&M to Open Luxury Chain in 2013

Updated on Apr 04, 2012

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Melancholycoco on July 24
ohhh/// lala ... ** trivia... let's see by 2013
ambersweet on April 09
Despite the fact that I wore H&M yesterday for a family holiday.... Luxury? I'd rather shop at the thrift store. I can't stand to watch H&M re-make clothes that were sold at Forever 21 back in 2005ish. Please don't even mention TopShop as a similarity. Comfort and quality come to mind when I think of topshop... not Divided.
marijakatrina on April 09
Interesting but we'll see :)
irisanddaniel on April 05
Whoah nowwww. Excited to see what they'll be doing. Imagining it to be like their Trend section, maybe? Haha, can't imagine a luxury line being based off of what H&M's current style, since it'd be like luxury prices of designer-inspired pieces competing with their actual designer counterparts. Thanks for letting us know about this! =)
purplewang on April 05
Great article! I'd be interested in seeing what the stores would be like and if they manage to bring up the quality of garments. I imagine it's for a different age group (nothing like the "Divided" section will be there) that aims at working women in their 30s-50s and possibly higher fashion. That's the only way I can see this working.
Neffy on April 04
I just how expensive are they talking about going? I love H&M because it is within my little college budget. If they are talking about going up to 400+ a dress, I wouldn't shop there.
F4SHI0N on April 04
sounds great to me!
MyAlexasStore on April 04
Great article thanks for posting.

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