Beauty Talk: Tell Me I'm Lovely

Updated on Mar 20, 2012

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Smash86 on April 15
Amen! :)
tara_grace on March 28
AMEN. Beauty exists within; there is no standard or scale (literally), no means by which to measure someone's beauty. We are all beautiful in our own unique ways. It is the differences between each individual that signifies our beauty. Embracing oneself, being the best one can be, honoring your true essence...THOSE are beautiful. YOU are beautiful! Thank you!
marijakatrina on March 26
This is so nice article :) you did a very,very good job!!
TalMills on March 25
A-FREAKIN-MEN! (You have a beautiful writing style by the way :)
blairbadge on March 26
:) Thank you!
Mrs_bits on March 25
Amen, it all begins inside
blairbadge on March 25
Totally agree!
WearAbouts on March 24
AMEN. you're a great writer! <3
blairbadge on March 25
Thank you! xo
LittleBee on March 22
This is a great article! Amen!
KwinieF on March 22
I so much agree with the sentence "“Hurting people hurt people”. Those who belittle others are acting out of their own personal pain." Amen!
blairbadge on March 25
So true. That phrase really keeps things in perspective for me.
jadekelly on March 22
Fantastic article, amen! When I'm at the gym I see so many women who are beautiful but go to lengths to hide their bodies whilst changing and I feel so sad for them. I've got to the point where I may not be 100% happy with my body but I love it and I'm not afraid of it anymore. I used to be like them and I always chicken out to compliment them when I know it could mean the world, I should start.
phillipthenickel on March 21
CHEAPwelcome on March 21
great article!
Mimilove4 on March 21
What I mean is. The concept of what is 'beautiful' changes. It's not something universal nor is it timeless. In some poor regions being thin would be ugly, because it shows that you're poor. Several years ago suddenly because of some advertisements having shaved armpits was considered a basic for being beautiful, to the point that we even (consider to) shave toes now!
Mimilove4 on March 21
Sometimes we care too much about it. Beauty is not only something physical. On Chictopia people express their sense of style, their taste. And I love seeing sincere smiles, the goofy shots and such. To be very honest, I actually don't know if I like a skinny figure. Sure, it looks 'pretty' but also unhealthy to me and I'm always scared of breaking someone's thin legs.
alatheishtape on March 21
Thank you for this article.
blairbadge on March 25
You're welcome :)

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