Pajamas: Not Just For Sleeping

Updated on Mar 13, 2012

Comments (7)

Omgitstiffduh on April 23
Not for me, but looks great on others.
FeistyPetite on March 18
its mostly my type of outfit when shopping with my friends..
naomayyy on March 17
In high school this has been the trend for years :)
obsessed1302 on March 16
I can see wearing this but like the other commenters and bottom seems like it may be a bit harder to pull off...
headbandit on March 15
I think this look is so chic, but wearing a matching top & bottom is hard to pull off without looking too pajama-y, IMO. I saw Susie Bubble do it one time, haha. I really liked the matching top/bottom set from the recent Marni for H&M collection, it had shorts instead of pants, which I think would make it more wearable.
purplewang on March 13
I couldn't do this, but other girls look really great in the pajama look. There are some girls on Chictopia who pull it off nicely.
deflorenflor on March 13
I think you could make it work, but using tom and bottom might end up a sloppy mess

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