5 Tips for Plus Size Figures

Updated on Mar 13, 2012

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CarefreeContessa on February 22
cute mix
melaniekasten on September 06
Another great tip is wearing the right underwear. Most importantly is a great bra. For years I just would buy cheap bras from Target until a friend finally told me about a great place to find bras for bigger boobs. I had no idea there was such a thing as a "minimizing" bra!!! I'm a 36 DD/E, only 5'4'', and 168lbs. Finding a well built bra is the best thing I have found to compliment my figure.
Skeptikitten on August 26
Um...kind of put off by the fact that this woman is in no way plus sized. Nor have I found more than a handful of photos of any plus sized women here.
Mihoshi on September 28
First I'd like to back up the pictures of this article and say that the model, or who ever she is is plus sized. She proves that the tips in this article work to fool others. If you look closely she's pleasantly plump ;). Second, I just signed up to this site, looked up plus size and came up with ZERO hits. That worries me a bit. Lastly, this article was really helpful, thank you!
tightsandtea on April 03
you're gorgeous :) it actually boggles my mind that you consider yourself plus-size--curvy and plus-size are two different things, IMO (but plus-size ladies do have killer curves).
violetzNpurplez29 on April 01
thanks for the tips =)
garotasurfista on March 31
refrehing to see someone who is not anorexic on here. im not plus size, actually i wear 0 1 or 3 usually but i dont have the shape of the girls on here, the toothpick thighs and whatnot....i joined this site to get ideas for what to wear with my curvy/athletic body shape but all i can find is toothpick or plus size :( any suggestions of someone to follow???
MarisaNoelle on April 19
Hi there! Thanks so much for your sweet comment:) (I am just seeing it now for the first time) To answer your question about curvy/athletic body shaped chictopians...I really love Lauren from Someone Like You - http://www.chictopia.com/SomeoneLikeYou18 as well as Rachel T - http://www.chictopia.com/rachel_t . They both have killer style and curves. Hope that helps:) xx Marisa
Woo_Love on March 25
i love it cute outfit
Swimsuits_for_all on March 18
We shared this piece on our Facebook Page (http://facebook.com/swimsuitsforall/) because we knew our readers, predominantly curvy ladies, would just love it! This was a very well written piece by Marisa and as one of the leading sellers of Plus Sized swimwear on the web, we wanted to bring these tips to dress their curvy bodies to them! Thank you for this! Cher - SwimsuitsForAll.com
Mimilove4 on March 16
Lovely!Thank you so much. Only my legs are curvy, but this piece is so inspirational it helps anyway. :)
weirdococo on March 15
nice article!
RAJacobe on March 15
I love what you wrote but I do agree on some level about the comments of the girl in the picture not being THAT plus size but I believe that she is no ordinary chictopian. Have you seen the usual chictopian? They are very fit and sometimes borderline skinny even. I respect this article and it actually helped me. I do think that I'm finding my own style right now. Plus sizes, represent! :D
ZaneZanite on March 15
love this
BerniceLim on March 15
Nice post! !! I am a plus size girl :D
IlanaMorgan on March 15
this is amazing darling so proud of you and this post! very well written too XX Ilana
katpsu on March 14
I am SO inspired! I used to hate my body and try to hide it, forget trying trendy I was just trying to wear as much fabric as I needed to cover my pudgy belly. Now I am learning not only to love who I am but that I in fact do have a unique sense of fashion. This really helped me figure out what works best on my shape while still allowing my fun, quirky and colorful side to have its way! Thanks!
DorisRussell on March 14
I am not quite a plus size but rather curvy. Why not give us a picture of a plus size woman?
filipina on March 14
great article.. im more on the heavy side myself so this is very helpful! thanks!
rebeccajane on March 14
I do think this is a good post with some great tips for plus size dressing. I have to comment that perhaps some images of Chictopians who are actually plus size might have been much more helpful, instead of clearly normal-sized (albeit still stylish and lovely) girls. Just saying. As a plus size girl myself, I do not relate to a single one of these images.
Llark on March 14
I can't help but being halfway offended that this is considered plus, or somehow curvier than normal? I don't know, it might be a good article for women who consider themselves plus size but apparently I'm ignorant of what size that would be...
F4SHI0N on March 14
i think the most flattering on anyone are higher waisted things!btw, you are not plus-sized-you are normal!
Ari_Ari on March 14
aw, now i know .Thank so much
Schrunchkin on March 14
i love this article it finally makes finding clothing that much easier! thank you!!!!!!!
jessikitaxo on March 14
This is plus size ? Smh
browneyes on March 14
great article!! :)
purplewang on March 14
You look great here Marisa! :) Thanks for being so honest and helpful in the post.
KimberlyL on March 14
this is very lovely , voted

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