15 pieces, 30 days Challenge

Updated on Mar 12, 2012

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annaandoldlace on May 10
Darn it, I missed it :(
PinkCheetahVintage on April 10
Great article, I am big advocate of conscientious consuming, donating, upcycling, repairing clothes (just takes a needle and thread for the simple stuff!), and real style, which I believe goes way deeper than constant new purchases :)
Delicbabe on April 10
This is AwesOME!!! & I was also thinking of selling stuff that I don't wear anymore...how can I join?:)
petiteavenue on April 10
You can just start it whenever you'd like! Then, post your looks on Chictopia & simply add in 15/30 Challenge to the title of your posts (or have it in the description). Feel free to tweet your looks with #capsulewardrobechallenge or #1530project!
Dhloan on April 09
ciuxy on April 08
great article
imperfectidealist on April 03
That sounds kind of like what I'm doing! I gave shopping up for lent and I'm cleaning out my closet right now to sort into sell, donate, and give away piles. Great idea!
NatalyaRybryeo on March 31
também...quero participar.... como faço? ainda dá tempo...? U.U
Rroosh on March 31
I THINK I WANT TO DO THIS NEXT MONTH I already gave up shopping for lent :\
AizS on March 27
Such a great idea! I want to participate. How to join in?
petiteavenue on April 10
Just add in 15/30 Challenge in the title of your posts when you share your looks! Also, tweet your looks so we can all see with #capsulewardrobechallenge or #1530project!
a_mimi on March 24
great challenge!! i will start my day 1 tomorrow and try to do it for 30 days :)
MyAlexasStore on March 22
Great article!
Meeukee1 on March 21
I already missed out on the dates. I practically wear the same work pants for work and jeans for play. I could have done this. UGH!
petiteavenue on March 23
You can still do it! The dates were posted just so we can get a lot of people to join. You're more than welcome to do the challenge :)
publicnightmares on March 19
Awesome idea! I might do this after I clean out my closet!
Smash86 on March 19
Awesome idea! Forces me to get more creative with my clothes and spend money on clothes I don't need (which I often do!)
filipina on March 18
this is great! come to think of it, lots of garments have loads of carbon footprints on them, lets do our share, lets reduce reuse recycle! :)
jadekelly on March 17
What a fantastic idea, I've been saying to myself for ages that I need to sort through all of my clothes, be ruthless and have an eBay session...this is just the inspiration I need to do just that, I spend far too much on clothing. Looking forward to getting started on this!
KarenLee on March 17
My 3rd day outfit! http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/621283-Raspberry+Dreams+15+30+Day+3-maroon-urban-outfitters-jeans-tawny-prada-boots
petiteavenue on March 23
Perfect!! Keep them coming :)
KarenLee on March 17
Here's my day 1 outfit! http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/620175-15+30+Day+1-black-asymmetrical-forever21-skirt-black-modern-vintage-boots
obsessed1302 on March 16
I thought this would be fun but to be honest I am not ready to stop shopping right now. I am actually going to Goodwill tomorrow for their 1/2 off sale...and I have too many articles of clothing that I am very excited to wear so I don't think I could stick with just 15 pieces for 30 days. Maybe if this done again I will be ready. Good luck thought to everyone that does participate!
Rimjim on March 15
This is cool.and i want to try this.so where i shall mail you my photographs?
stylenomad on March 16
Just post the link from your chictopia post/blog post here!
irisanddaniel on March 14
Cool article! We did this last year (for only 2 weeks though), it was definitely a fun experience! Love your tips on how to not shop crazily, but shop smartly and thoughtfully. =)
christina123 on March 14
Brilliant idea - this works well for those who are conscious about textile waste reduction and about saving time getting dressed in the morning! I love simplifying my life and saving the planet at the same time by streamlining my consumption to what I need. I'm absolutely IN!!!
Stilettoe_Diva on March 14
I would like to participate. How do I get started?
stylenomad on March 14
Just pick 15 garments and shoot yourself wearing them daily. It doesn't have to be overly refined but just to document and send us an email of your photos (or your url of where we can get them!) sam@samishome.com
stylenomad on March 13
I love how you added the personal story at the beginning which I can definitely relate to. If any other Chictopians are down for this project, let us know! I'd love to promote participants as a collective and acknowledge those who will take part of this challenge!
EmmySur on March 13
This is such a good idea! I want to try this!
purplewang on March 13
This is such a great idea! :) Thanks for sharing this. Lookin forward to see what you come up with!
tankgirl047 on March 13
Brilliant! I cannot wait to start out challenge - so excited!
MiuSan on March 13
Shoes count as accessories? Well, maybe that's not the point. The no shopping for a month is a bit more tedious part. Still, I think this should be a breeze for me ^^
TamQuoia on March 12
I want to try this!!
KatelynBongiorno on March 12
This is an awesome idea! Love it!

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