Compassion for Fashion

Updated on Mar 11, 2012

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Sosofia on June 24
I like your text!!! Fantastic!+1
LisaGH on June 24
Excellent!!!!!!Voted and Following you!!!
Sosofia on June 22
I agree with you!!!!! Kisses!
jadekelly on March 17
What a great post, I myself am a fashion student and have personally found more depth in fashion than shallowness because of my studies. But, I do find myself having to justify my line of study to people who perceive it to be shallow and meaningless, and I think the way fashion is portrayed in the media has a lot to do with that. I agree there are aspects of the industry that need changing though.
purplewang on March 13
Adding to my comment -- it's important to stay professional, grounded, and know that not everyone is a social climber, fame wh-re or a piranha for free stuff (although you'll meet a lot who are... they're obviously not people you want to work with). That is all, haha. :)
purplewang on March 13
Great post Sam! I agree with you. I'm guilty of a lot of those negative fashion comments (woops). I find that I switch back and forth between loving fashion and the people who work in fashion with open arms and then wanting to never read about or see anything about fashion ever again. It's a major love/hate issue, but you're definitely right.
LelaZivanovic on March 12
Beautifully written text, and well said, u made clear point and u're not wrong at all! Each your sentence makes sense... Thank u for this post!!
toropiski on March 11
Thank you for your thoughts, they are interesting and I believe widely shared. The problem often is in 'the inner confusion' of people. One has to be compact without narcissism and tolerant in connecting different aspects of personality... I remember the taste of silk when I was a child, the feel of it on my skin and body as a woman, - fashion comes from inside...

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