The Cost of Glamour

Updated on Mar 06, 2012

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Delicbabe on April 13
great article
violetzNpurplez29 on April 01
nice article; i love to wear heels but same as you are i prefer to wear flats that im comfortable with... but sometimes i wish i could wear high heels =)
1TrackMind on March 27
I like heels but am an athlete so i go for what's comfortable mostly. And like Vicbong said platforms are it!
obsessed1302 on March 26
Love this article... I also do not wear high heels...I already have bad feet for other reasons...but still there is no way I could even attempt heels. I do agree tho that they are wonderful and I do wish at times that I could wear them.
Vicbong on March 24
Great article! I too, am a non-high heel kinda gal.. I wear platform heels instead.. at least they're more comfortable than heels and makes me look wayyy better than when I'm in flats.
HeiliBobby on March 19
great article!
TheDemoiselle on March 18
wow very well written!
jadekelly on March 17
When I was in school I wore heels every day to the point that when I left school and got a job that required me to wear flats my feet and legs were actually in pain in flat shoes. Four years later my feet have adjusted fine, but I do find myself missing the days when I had heel wearing stamina...because wearing flats every day has definitely beaten it out of me!
AnaFolk on March 15
I love heels <3 <3
Tazleigh on March 15
i usually don't like to wear flats, they don't fit my feet right. i do have over twenty pairs of heels that i wear almost daily. i know it sounds totally twisted and made up, but for some reason i can walk easier in extremely high heels, than in tennis shoes. Heels are elegant, beautiful, and if worn enough, can be very beautiful and graceful.
lovelysilkarria on March 14
I prefer heels. This might sound weird, but I'm more comfortable in them. You see, first of ll, my feet are shaped wrong, so heels provide arch support for me, unlike flats. Also, I feel more confident in heels. I prefer them in almost every way, unless I'm gonna be running around. Heels are awesome. Elegant.
clotheshorse70 on March 11
I am a combination of the two. I wear heels and flats; although my flats usually have a little heel on them. I have found a heel with a platform is the most comfortable and offer the wearer longer wear. While I want to be fashionable, the health of my feet is more important.
babygurl on March 11
I love heels. I try to wear them as much as possible, because they make everything look good.The only heels I have problem wearing is pumps. They never stay on my feet and I can't figure out how to make them stay, even the really tight pairs come off of my feet when I walk.
HelloBoots on March 11
I wear heels almost every single day -- all day, at work even. I find people who aren't "high heel people" often haven't tried wearing comfortable heels. I'm a high heel person -- have been for the past six years -- but I can't make it over an hour in stilettos. Thicker heels made of light material, wedges, etc. massively improve weight distribution, prevent pain and make walking a lot easier.
RAJacobe on March 11
I agree with what you said and I'm actually like you. I try my best to wear heels 'cos they're lovely and they make you look sexier than usual but they are just beasts! I hate how my feet would be in pain for a whole week just to look good for 4-5 hours. But, I won't stop wearing heels and I'm kind of getting addicted on buying heels. :)) xx Renee
pandaphilia on March 11
people always stare at me for wearing them on campus and i rarely do. i own a zillion pairs but rarely actually wear them for more than a few hours :P
AnitaRguezSala on March 11
Love it! soo true
Mishelle on March 10
haha i love your writing style!
sunonthebeach on March 09
i wonder if someday historians will look back at this lifestyle of "heels" like they do today with foot binding or neck lengthening as a strange practice for a beauty they no longer understand, only in the form of shoes. but by then another strange practice will have appeared.
Hqzou on March 09
I think exactly that whenever my feet are dying in heels!
vleschic on March 08
Well I gotta say as much as I love heels, it just seems I would look out of place at school in them. But since Im pretty short (5´0), heels are just my best what the pain, so what the ache. I love them and will make them "a life style" for me! very inspiaring article! :D
irisanddaniel on March 06
Perfect article! Never thought of the "it's a lifestyle" thing but it's so true, haha.
hearmiaroar on March 06
I love heels! But yes, I too tend to wear more flats because it is much much more practical. Especially for work. I've actually identified the types of heels that I can survive in. Yes - Open toe heels (Doesn't hurt!), platform and thick stilettos (stable!), wedges (Comfy forever!) No - Thin stilettos (weak thighs!), Anything higher than 4 inch (Bcs of my height, I'd look like a weird giant!)

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