Making the Transition: Winter to Spring 2012

Updated on Mar 06, 2012

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Texture on May 04
"if u got a pair of pantyhose on underneath pressing right up against your abdominal region that’s not quite freedom per se." - NOT well put. If u were to think this way u would have to be fair & include everything that does this and more: Shoes/heels, G-string, jeans, etc (or else u are just the internet kid that is complaining-trying to gain superior status that way.
Texture on May 04
Simply buying high quality silky Pantyhose that fit will denounce any naysayers.
deflorenflor on March 13
Good ideas, I feel inspired!
Mishelle on March 10
great article
babybeeanca on March 09
i like the ideas.
tylerbrad99 on March 08
Fantastic nice concept and design.
RumorlessThreads on March 07
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Roxx on March 07
Great article. I'm so pissed that it's so freaking cold where I live. I'm so sick of big coats and chilly weather, i want spring to come already. All my cute floral skirts... all my dresses, ll my spring shoes *sigh*
F4SHI0N on March 06
lol-its not spring yet?

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