Proenza Schouler: Fall/Winter 2012

Updated on Feb 19, 2012

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headbandit on February 22
You two amaze me. This article is so well-written and informative! So glad you covered the "copycats" topic, I had heard about about it, and not being a huge Balenciaga follower and not having been truly interested in fashion long enough to see the stylistic connections, I didn't really get it. Anyways, I loved this collection's color palette and slouchy styling.
headbandit on February 22
And I always enjoy your "Schoul" puns too, haha :D
Lienhua on February 22
outrageous! totally impractical. sometimes what these people make astound me...
Mishelle on February 21
i like it :)
Hqzou on February 21
Great review!
xilcanopapaya on February 21
Genius review! J'adore Proenza Schouler!
purplewang on February 20
Great post! About the "copy cat" accusations... in fashion it's almost impossible to tell what is taken from inspiration and what is plagiarism. I doubt that the designers did any intentional copying. I loved the collection anyway. Slouchy and oversized, yet sporty :)
irisanddaniel on February 20
Definitely agree! =)
F4SHI0N on February 20
crystaldots on February 20
This collection is definitely cutting edge. I like it a lot. Very fashion-forward indeed.

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