The Problem with Valentine's Day

Updated on Feb 08, 2012

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seachele on March 05
Just read this, and was ready for a bunch of tripe about the why Valentine's Day is awful, but I was very pleasantly surprised to finally hear someone be positive about the meaning of the day. Finally. Thank you for this. Well done..
syjjang on February 25
Haha. I love this. I totally agree, I don't really understand the point of all the negativity surrounding Valentines Day.
deflorenflor on February 23
I've always liked valentines day! I think it's actually fun, even if I'm single
Mishelle on February 22
Dutchchic on February 13
This article rambles on without making a real point. Run on sentences seem to be this writer's forte.
Hqzou on February 14
elsiea915 on February 13
Oh you just took me back to 1st grade-and then high school ugh-terrible! So happy to be in that last stage, the one where you found the right love and can now just appreciate the feeling. Thanks for the read!
Meeukee1 on February 13
I know Valentine's Day sometimes makes people uneasy, but I can't stand when people get negative about it. All it does is make you sound like a Debbie Downer or a Negaitve Nancy. Imagine having a wonderful day planned with your sweetie and the people around you are having the worst attitude about it?
lovelysilkarria on February 13
I think we should be showing our love to our friends and lovers EVERY day. Not just V-day!
Hqzou on February 14
True true
BldVik on February 13
I agree with you completely! Love how this article took a curve near the end, fun writing!
Hqzou on February 14
Thank you :)
radioelvis on February 13
If you don't like Valentines Day there is GREAT news! International Pat Benatar Day is February 16th...join on Facebook. Wasn't it Pat Benatar who told us "Love is a Battlefield??" ;)
Hqzou on February 14
Lol, I had no idea there was an International Pat Benatar Day. Good news, indeed.
SeraJaine on February 13
Amazingly said.
Stephy_Cat on February 13
I totally agree. I have never cared when it was Valentines Day and I was single. My dating house mates always did something special and it never made me feel jealous. I was happy they were so in love. Now I have a lovely boyfriend, I like to do something for Valentines Day. Even if it's only small just because it's nice to be around him and doing something enjoyable.
HapaTime on February 13
very well written! luckily i'm quite neutral towards it myself... its a cute concept, but that's all. <3
erinkcorbett on February 12
i agree, the problem with valentine's day are the people who make too big a deal of it. whether it's for or against it.
allymazing on February 08
great article. thank you for articulating my feelings towards this holiday so perfectly
Hqzou on February 14
Thank you!

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