Exercising Your Personal Style: Stylish Workout Wear

Updated on Jan 30, 2012

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ThePageStaysBlank on July 03
I wish this had been written by someone else. Not that Looney_Lovegood isn't a good writer; she had some rather funny things to say! But some of the clothing listed her just isn't doable for the hit-the-gym-everyday girl. Those HKNB Chevron pants are great, but say dry clean on the tag. And the Designer activewear was cute, but leather pockets don't wash either. I do love the Adidas stuff though.
grayskies on February 27
For me, there are just so many other things I would rather spend my money on (like cute heels!) besides workout clothes. I've had all my workout clothes for years, and with the exception of the only two things that actually affect my level of comfort (nice running shoes and a good sports bra), it would pain me to spend a lot of money on clothes that I'm only going to wear while getting all sweaty.
syjjang on February 25
Ugh yes, definitely. Love this article!
girlwiththerabbit on February 08
I want those sweat pants, I always wear some baggy pair over my suit for my morning swim
candygirlcolette on February 08
Cool workout clothes is what inspired me to workout. You can look cute and sporty at the same time and sporty doesn't have to mean baggy sweats.. I hope more people become active wearing cute clothes not just so they can eventually wear the clothes
ellabtwjackson on February 02
these would be so good if I was on a designer budget for this half marathon training!
allymazing on January 31
perfect for workouts
Wheezyrose on January 31
I love these pieces- neoprene is in nowadays anyone know some good affordable pieces? great job!
boredstephanie on January 30
the gym is one place I don't care how I look, I will look so nasty and sweaty in a moment anyway haha xP but some of these workout clothes are very cute!
sarakate5678 on January 31
agreed! and i dont even want to know what the rag and bone one would cost just to sweat all over!
F4SHI0N on January 30
love the rag and bone pants!

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