The Perils of Winter Fashion for the Fashion Impaired

Updated on Jan 25, 2012

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syjjang on February 25
This is exactly the reason I dislike winters. :( Thanks for this.
Mishelle on February 22
i like this article :)
JustWeeJo on February 10
Yay!! I'm not the only one who thinks this. I hate winter clothing with a passion. I too detest the bulky feeling, especially being 4'11. I like wearing jackets in fact I'm obsessed but I mean blazers, little leathers and other "thin" attire. I also struggle with what boots and shoes to wear with outfits, just putting on flip flops or sandals that go with everything is much easier.
BrynnCarter on January 31
I live in Northern Utah, where it is often 10-30 Fahrenheit and windy. In the winter I rarely wear pants because I have short legs and they will just drag in the snow and make me colder. So I wear a short skirt, layered tights, leggings, and legwarmers, with flat boots. To keep warm on top, I tend to avoid chunky knits and go for a zip-up hoodie under my coat.
jessi_m on January 30
I love winter weather! but I'm kind of warm blooded for being 5'2" but I have like a rack full of scarves and hats...Im obsessed. Totally agree that it's waaay more effort though. but every once in a while I like to challenge myself with it :]
girlwiththerabbit on January 30
I love you, this is so true. I personally hate to wear pants and loath winter. Where I live we get horrible winds so it makes wearing skirts impossible but when I do I feel like I look like a hooker in a my huge faux-fur lined jacket and fitted skirt. I love boots but the moment you wear ones with heels you run the risk of death haha
Foulfowl on January 30
So true! Toronto winter here. Cold, windy, icy, slushy. As much as I want to wear my lovely coats and boots, they are just not warm enough and I don't want to risk cracking my head. I always end up looking like a bowling ball in uggs.
Hqzou on January 30
Bowling ball in uggs! Haha, cute description
say_kimchi on January 30
Surely the key here is to have a cute coat? Warm but cute coats do exist! I've got a mid-length black faux fur one this winter and it's the warmest ever (and incidentally the mildest winter I've had in a while, doh). On the other hand, doesn't winter make you feel like you're wearing the same thing everyday? By the time the boots, coat, scarf, hat, gloves go on, it's yesterday's outfit again.
Hqzou on January 30
True, true
pandaphilia on January 29
i hate true winter too. i feel like a giant marshmallow
thelittlestpolly on January 29
Hqzou on January 30
ophel1a on January 29
alright i must be an anomaly! or maybe it's that my lack of curves and body mass (that makes me mournful in the summer since i can't fill anything out) is a winter blessing? i live in the NW, and it regularly gets into the 20s in the winter. i have many layers at my disposal from a lifetime of bad circulation and feel almost womanly, only in the winter. a good coat and boots are all you need, imo!
purplewang on January 26
Normally when I think of winter clothes, I think of layering, nice coats, and scarves. There are a couple things you can do like layer your tights, wear cute gloves? I don't know, I live in California... hahaha.
Hqzou on January 27
Maria_Elyse on January 26
Wonderful article; so true. Winter clothing frustrates me to no end. I'm trying to figure out ways to wear less bulky clothing without sacrificing warmth...thick leggings are the only thing I can think of, haha.
emmeiii on January 26
LOL and in ridiculously hot tropical countries, we can't wear more than one layer (even jeans are a consideration, shorts all the way~) and bemoan the fact that we can't wear anything nice unless we want to be sweating (and I don't mean perspiring, I mean SWEATING. with rivulets rolling down your back and arms) while trying to look unaffected.
GabyFormoso on January 27
True! Oh how I hate to be in the tropics. -.- I always imagine myself wearing winter fur coats and boots and scarves...they look really really cute than denim shorts and ultra thin shirts so you won't sweat out like a pig. :\
miru on January 25
i know how you feel. when it's 16 degrees there is no way to look cute without freezing
ameliajin on January 25
great article
Vonvon85 on January 25
love your article..sometimes i wear something really cute, but then i have to put all these layers of warm clothing that no one will ever see my beautiful top =( i hate winter...
Hqzou on January 27
F4SHI0N on January 25
lol its warm where i live today

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