How To Wear Confidence

Updated on Jan 24, 2012

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regie1316 on May 13
I enjoyed reading your article! :))When people say to me that "Your overdressed!" I usually smile and say "Thank you!" as if they gave me the highest of compliments.
syjjang on February 25
Awesome article!
eucalya on February 16
amazing article!
laviniadan on February 16
great article!
UberChic on February 15
you literally took the words out of my head. I have been planning on doing a post like this. going to do one very soon.
grayskies on February 13
It's taken me about twenty years, but I've finally learned to accept rude comments about my clothes with grace. Now when my brother tells me I look like a weird character from a Tim Burton film, instead of calling him a jerk, I smile and say thank you - because really, whether he meant to or not, he basically told me that I look unique, and I would much rather look unique than normal any day!
elec_tric on February 13
Hahahah I laughed and smiled through this entire article. you tell em :)
Jouatotherescue on February 09
Connffideennceee isss thee keyyyyyy to rockkk out any outfitttt!!! Though I comprehend this notion of confidence with fashion, I still wanted to thank you for sharing it with us!
briannamiller9625 on February 08
This article is fantastic! I feel like it should be printed on the sides of busses and on fliers to hand out to the world- so many people need to realize these things! I love how you write, and this article had me laughing out loud but yet reevaluating how I dress, and whether I dress for me or not. And my favorite part was the girls at highschools dressing like hookers- so true! Thanks!
looney_lovegood on February 08
Thank you so so much! This made me ridiculously happy. I love when my readers are so enthusiastic about my articles because it just inspires me to write more. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Thank you again!
girlwiththerabbit on February 08
thank you for this article, you just made my day. I live in such a small town that whats style-ish here is blue jeans and a Holister t-shirt. Don't get me wrong that's fine but it's not me and I always have to deal with the stares with I wear my crazy tights or a cute blazer. Another reason I love this site, again thank you for writing this.
Samantha_W on February 08
queenwren: I know how you feel! I get a lot of stares for dressing in my own style where I live. I love Chictopia because it embraces all sorts of unique styles. :)
looney_lovegood on February 08
Well, you just made my day. That was such a sweet and thoughtful comment! I'm so so happy that I was able to inspire you; that's why I love to do this. So thank you.
Samantha_W on February 08
Love the article! Your tips are wonderful and I plan on keeping them in mind to try. Thank you. :)
looney_lovegood on February 08
Thank you so much! I'm so glad I could help you!
kassidi on February 01
Great tips!! So encouraging.
Meeukee1 on January 30
LOVE IT! A common thing among women is wearing those same pieces that seem to be the trend instead of their true selves. I remember working in retail and seeing the same type of customer walking in with her tiffany heart bracelet, Louis Vuitton speedy and wearing their Chanel Chance perfume. Come on! Is that really you or you thinking it should be you? Embrace your individuality!
fashion_nerd on January 27
LOVE this article. Beautifully written, insightful, and honest. Thank you for the awesome advice!!!
looney_lovegood on January 28
You're welcome! Thanks so much, I'm so glad you ejoyed it!!
akemi_iwaya on January 25
Well said. ^_^ Follow your heart and the rest will follow you. ^_^
madamushroom on January 24
Such a great article and i totally agree on all points! +1 and following. Thanks for the pep talk. ;)
looney_lovegood on January 25
Thanks :D Glad I could I help!!
boredstephanie on January 24
yes confidence makes someone 2x prettier =)
F4SHI0N on January 24
I also feel that most of the time the biggest critic is yourself. I admit I get scared of wearing certain things at school,but then I take a big gulp, I do it and then I get compliments that make me feel much better. It pays off to take the risk.
rachelias13 on January 24
Speaking of those "incredible harem" jeans, where can I buy them? ;_;
rachelias13 on January 24
I can't find them for sale on the website. I want jeans like them so badly...ahhh!
looney_lovegood on January 24 They're to die for, right?
purplewang on January 24
Great tips Odelia! :) Reminds me of your first EIU article. And I love that interview you linked to the Michelle Violy Harper feature on Into the Gloss.
looney_lovegood on January 24
Thanks Amy!
meilivoung on January 24
i love ur shade. where did u get it?

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