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epicureglam on March 15
Really nice to know I'm not alone on this.. I believe patience to be indeed an important factor to hold onto! All things, good and bad, will only help you grow as a person, and if you're patient you'll one day see why things happened the way they did! Good advice you've written here ^^
nerey on January 25
We all are in the same situation somehow , what can we do with our lives? especially in this economy, you're young, you'll find out. Be patient and try to enjoy the process ;-)
zen88 on October 18
I love this article I'm also in my tweenties, sometimes I ask myself what i'm going to do with the rest of my ife. It's nice to know that I'm not going through this alone, and others might feel the same way even though they look like their life is in order.
rachelbambi on August 20
been there. still there. still confused. but its so nice to know im not the only one:)
indulgera on July 12
Such good advice..terror twenties is what I call them. Recipe for success? Persistence, don't compare, hustle and confidence that just because things don't happen over night doesn't mean you should stop. Nothing worth having comes easy...KEEP GOING!
DoubleDareVintage on April 04
Great answer. The best thing is you have found a passion and know that you want to pursue it!
bykristiina on February 24
Been there. Stopped. Stopped listening to others. Started listening to myself. Also, firstly didnt tell anybody, because, this is what puts you off:"Maybe their right, maybe its not right", well.. maybe their not. If you love something truly, and are okey to do what ever for it. Then do it, decide and give everything you have. And then as much and even more. But dont give up on many do.
inparadise on February 22
Been there, kind of still there, moving out of there! :) By the way I think this article can easily be in a major magazine. Thanks Zoe!
laviniadan on February 16
Yeah, I think most of us love make-up and fashion and getting dressed-up, but we have to make a living too..and personally, as much as I love all these things, I can face the fact that I'm never gonna work in these fields.. so I carry on my life..working as an engineer.. hoping that somehow things will turn around eventually, and I'll find what I truly love working, that also pays :D
essenceofruwe on February 15
Wow what great advice! We all definitely go through that!
TheFashionistaChic on February 09
bearable. The short of it, I created my own business to inspire women to be their "best" via being well dressed. I used my experience from working in banking and applied those skills and knowledge to market my business. Hope this helped!
TheFashionistaChic on February 09
Life is an experience. So experience it!! Live in the now! In your 20's you are learning and gaining experience. I went to school for finance worked in banking for over 10 years. I did it because it paid the bills. My position was extremely challenging and draining. I would use fashion to get through my day. I would put together the most stylish business attire every morning. Which made may day
violetzNpurplez29 on February 05
continuation: have anything to save... low salary, giving remittance back home (im working abroad that time). GRRRR... i dont know what to do for now.. haha sorry i just want to share what i had experienced :) again your article inspires me a lot. thanks a lot. i just started to follow you... Good luck on your career :)
violetzNpurplez29 on February 05
continuation: why i dont have work yet?' now i just watched TV, browsing through internet, loves fashion, shoes and make-up too.. i just feel sorry to myself now.. I am 27 but not yet succeded anything..Am I Lazy? hmmm I hope Im not.. I really dont know what or where to start my life.. Im a graduate of hotel and restaurant management i worked after i graduated.. for 4 years of working i dont
violetzNpurplez29 on February 05
wow you article is inspirring, when i read this articles i cant help to ask myself "huh? What about me im 27 years old turning 28 on june, almost 1 year no work but appying on different agencies but still no progress".. my mom is stressing and pressuring me out why i still dont have work, i just don mind what she says. but every night before i go to sleep im asking myself 'my mom was so true,
LittleMissQT on February 02
Definitely what all of us are experiencing right now. We'd want to grab all life's main course in just one plate when we have a lifetime to enjoy its buffet! And when we make choices, chances are, we regret having to decide too soon because we did not really thought of it that much. When making decisions, make sure you won't regret it at the end. Important thing is, you enjoy and sieze the moment!
madamesuz on January 30
I'm 22 years of age and feel the exact same, well said thanks!
hellovitaly on January 30
This inspired me to practice "edge of glory" on my electric keyboard. Oh!! and to change my life and study for those exams next week, but first lady gaga. thanks!
neiry12 on January 30
Badley, thank you.
missmiami on January 30
I too went to school for journalism, and after a year I gave up. I love to write but it wasn't what I thought it would be, I graduated high school with honors & I feel like i'm wasting my intellgence with dead end jobs, beach bumming and the occasional partying :-x I feel like i'm waiting for some kind of inspirational push but I got get up and do it myself! <3 your writing btw :) made my day<3
missmiami on January 30
Wow, I am so happy I read this article! I'm 23 and sometimes I feel like i'm wasting my life. I strive for this impossible perfection in every catagory in life. I even moved from NY to FL to find some inspiration and I must say the sun is uplifting but waitressing/bartending is NOT my forte! Haha, I worked retail for years and years at high end store in NY but the $ is not there!
VDAYismyBDAY on January 30
I'm glad that I'm not the only one going through this. It's actually quite refreshing to read this article. I just graduated college and am currently in that same slump because job offers aren't rolling in like I'd like them to. I recently started feeling like it's now or never and it's time for me to LIVE LIFE as I wait patiently for a job to come along.
TierneyVanderVoort on January 30
Bradley, Fate is so funny sometimes. Just when you feel that you've hit rock bottom, something comes along to show you that you're not alone. Only just yesterday I felt that I, too, had hit rock bottom and thought that my life was hopeless (I think I even said those words verbatim to my parents last night). And here I am, not 24 hrs later, reading your blog! You're words really helped me put thi
jennilove122 on January 30
Thank you so much for this advises... Im feeling the same way and now I know Im not alone. Ps. You are an excellent writter.. Congrats.:)
Smash86 on January 28
*person that you are.
Smash86 on January 28
I agree with fashion nerd. I've worked hard ever since I was 18 and now I'm 25. Been doing a lot of volunteering, taking a few courses and experimenting in the past few years. I don't really know what I want and sometimes I get a little down because some of my friends are in better jobs or careers than me, It can be frustrating but it is important to remember what you have accomplished and the per
fashion_nerd on January 27
PS... You're an incredible writer. Keep it up!!! <3
fashion_nerd on January 27
Thank you so much for this post. I'm 25 and I've been sleeping on my parents' couch for the last year (I got a bedroom for Christmas though!), I'm not in school, and I work as an receptionist for a fish food company. My life isn't awful, but lately I've really been feeling like I've gone nowhere and accomplished NOTHING. I'm so glad to know that's not necessarily the case, and that I'm not alone.
MatilyahPallangyo on January 27
I rly needed this. Thank you.
Flawless_nBrown on January 26
this post was great....just the motivation I needed to keep pushing on......yay 20's!
LindsayBlackman on January 25
"Not all those who wander are lost" ---love you zoe
badley on January 25
I can't believe you created an account to comment, I love you!
jehanprouvaire on January 25
just thank you!! thank you for your article so much!! that is exactly what i have been trying to discuss with everyone lately!! that is exactly what i have wrote at one of my latest posts on chictopia!! thank you for saying exactly what i have in my mind!! faved!!
badley on January 25
oh shucks! thank YOU for the thank you and reading the article :)
kellbell87 on January 25
AGREED! ugh what a RELIEF
Mishelle on January 25
thanks for the article :)
Richelle_Chic on January 24
This article is very very helpful!!! Thanks
ameliajin on January 24
thanks for this article! helps a lot
badley on January 26
thanks for reading and glad to be of service :)
Abigail17 on January 24
Oh wow. I'm only eighteen and already feeling a bit creatively drained. I'm not at this point in my life(college, marriage, mortgage) but, I want to avoid feeling... like I'm only drifting. If the point does come, though, I'll be sure to come back to your article and read it again!
boredstephanie on January 24
I think this is an issue for a lot of us
F4SHI0N on January 24
wow you have awesome tips!lately i've been feeling like I should be way ahead of where I am too, and this helps!
badley on January 26
I'm glad to hear this has helped, thanks for reading and commenting!
LittleAcorns on January 24
I really needed to read this. I'm 22, and for a few years now I've felt like my life has been going nowhere. While most of my friends are graduating and getting careers, I've been sitting on my butt. I have so many ideas of what I want to accomplish with my life, but I have no clue where to start. I'm so afraid of making the wrong decision. Thanks for writing this. I'm glad to know I'm not alone.
badley on January 26
STOP being afraid!! What are you afraid of? Failing? Girlfriend, I fail about once a week but that's NOT a bad thing. You need to change your perception of failure. You need it in order to learn and grow. So pick up your socks, and get going on doing the things you want to do. There's no such thing as a wrong decision. Trust. xx
kellbell87 on January 25
I agree!! Not only that but I have so much stuff I wanna do I'm scared of picking one and having to abandon everything about frustration!!! AND i'm 24...I feel old ;(
bradshawllen on January 24
This is a truly great article! Very motivating.
badley on January 24
ohhh stop! Thank you xx
purplewang on January 24
These are all really great tips :) And sleeping on a couch...been there/no judging. Maybe another advice column topic could be "How to find your passion"
badley on January 24
yes, sleeping on couch totally by choice/enjoying it (there should be a sarcasm font). Thanks for the suggestion!
ashleeeybash on January 24
I loved this post. I'm in the same rut and I know it. When you mentioned you went into college studying journalism and hated it, it scares me now! But you're right. I need to stop being lazy and kick my butt into gear. I loved this post. It's really motivational.
badley on January 24
ahhhh don't be scared about studying journalism, I did learn a lot from the course. Thanks for the comment
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