Hot hair style trends for 2012

Updated on Jan 19, 2012

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fabulousfashionista on February 04
Thank you for some great tips! I'll try them! :)
CheapChicChick on January 24
Well... guess I'll stay with my asymmetric hair. About the bob, I found it too "just-had-a-girl-fight-and-had-no-time-to-fix-myself-up" But i could definitely do pastel streaks :D
allymazing on January 20
i have a shaved head hahaha
blairbadge on January 20
... and you're totally rocking it. Love it! :)
Natuhlee on January 20
I am Loving this barely there Urbanite hair. I think this is what i will be donning for while. And i can even be lazy ;)
xilcanopapaya on January 20
Very clever. Amazing inspiration, Tres chic!
blairbadge on January 20
headbandit on January 19
I want to try mini bangs! Eyelash-grazers get so annoying after a while, haha. I think I need to learn to contour my face so I appear to have the bone structure to pull it off. Next article idea? ;D
blairbadge on January 19
Brilliant idea! ;)
Mhapi on January 19
I just got some turqoise extension on new year's eve, I think I'm on trend :D
missmiami on January 19
Great article, I checked out all the different hair style photos. I still couldn't part with my long locks though, I love the versatility of curls, choppy, up dos, braids everything I can do with it :)
JanelleEfe on January 19
i've been rocking long ratty ends (a la urbanite) and self-cut mini bangs for a while now :) happy to hear they're finally becoming trendy
mwong1025 on January 19
I'm definitely into the mini bangs and pastel streaks. Can't wait for a change!
ameliajin on January 19
love this article! obsessed with the pastel streaks and the shab
purplewang on January 19
love all the hair trends you pointed out! I love mini bangs on other people..but I think urbanites and pastel streaks are the most doable for me. Haha. Thanks for the info Blair :)
F4SHI0N on January 19
heres a link to her hair! am I the only one who thinks arizone muse is the perfect model name?!
blairbadge on January 19
Perfect name AND perfect hair. She looks stunning in every hairstyle!

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