What Your Hat Says About You

Updated on Jan 11, 2012

Comments (14)

birdbug36 on March 27
The Floppy all day!!!
HarryXHermione on January 29
I'm the beanie kind of person, 'cause honestly, It's the hat I can easily pull off.. :)
clotheshorse70 on January 24
This is a fabulous shot. I love the hat, but I so love the coat! FIERCE!
missmiami on January 18
I have so many hats and never wear them! Only beanies in the winter but now in Miami its never cold so I don't wear hats at all! My bf always tries to get me to wear them (he is a hat fanatic) but I never feel they look right on me.. i don't know I'm going to give one a try today :)
allymazing on January 16
hats speak louder than words
Nohas on January 16
for one second i thought no one would ever be able to describe the type i am but then i read the floppy hat one and it described me like a great book!!
crystaldots on January 16
This, I love Heather! : ) Great descriptions, I think I fit the 'floppy' persona - a bit mysterious : ).
Mishelle on January 15
great article :)
SandraAntonellaParodi on January 14
This is pretty damn true ?
Senta on January 14
I'm a total beret-type, that's true :D I've got them in all colours. Great article! ^_^
jehanprouvaire on January 13
amazing article!! thank you for the feature!! this is just so right!! love the beret and the floppy!!
madamushroom on January 13
they are all great but floppy and stiff brims for the win! +1
F4SHI0N on January 13
i love floppys and stiff brim i hope to get too!
irisanddaniel on January 13
Gah, love all these hats! We've both been sporting berets recently but a wide stiff brim is also really fun to wear. Love this article! =)

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