It's Party Time! Arm Party Time, That Is

Updated on Jan 10, 2012

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HoneyCreeper on February 05
I used to be such an arm party bandit back in the day... sweet nostalgia
oceanrain on January 17
I adore vintage bangles!! Those designed by Schultz or Sass are fantastic!!
allymazing on January 16
arms parties help me man repel!
Clairesy on January 16
<3 this and can totally appreciate it! I always had an arm full of bangles and bracelets all through high school and beyond. I had surgery the January after I graduated from year 12 and i had a woven bracelet on that'd been there for a couple of years by then and when asked to remove it I looked at the surgeon, very seriously, and said "that doesn't come off" and he just taped it up & let it be:)
looney_lovegood on January 17
That's cute! I had bracelets like that where people would say "you need to take that off for this" and I'd be like, "That's a permanent fixture. Don't even bother."
patlaenz on January 14
i had the same issue as a pre-teen,i used to have a lot ,they were carppy as well,rubber material,today I buy compulsively all bracelets that come across ....great article
ameliajin on January 10
love this article!
wonderwomanow on January 10
Loved the references to your earlier days! I remember getting excited whenever you added a new bracelet. Also enjoyed looking through your suggested buys.
love_blossoms on January 10
i love my bracelets! :)
petiteavenue on January 10
Haha, I loved this! I wish I could wear that many bracelets though. My wrists are too small to keep them in place. Nevertheless, I can always admire from afar :)

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