11 Beauty Blunders of 2011

Updated on Jan 03, 2012

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Sanguine on March 05
I think people should be inventive with fashion. While stained teeth are gross, I don't see what's wrong with guylashes and I think checkered lips and animal shaped eyelashes could be a lot of fun. I think the biggest problem with fashion is that people try to constrain it. Fashion is art.
syjjang on February 25
Eugh so many faux pas :(
greenegirl99 on January 29
Nikci Minaj's hair is my favorite. She is so inspirational! Love her.
OnTheGanges on January 13
I always feel kind of embarrassed for celebs (okay, musicians) who dress up a la Gaga at awards shows, obviously trying to copy her while trying to...one-up her, I guess? I mean, do they think she isn't going to notice? It's awfully fake, and a bit silly. Ah, well.
HeavenPaige on January 30
Niki style is base on the Japanese harajuku style not Lady Gaga sorry you have your comment wrong...
LiaB on January 10
I love the animal-shaped eye lashes! They're different enough to really make a statement, but pretty and delicate enough to not be obnoxious.
missmiami on January 09
I really don't like the over gelled wet hair look at all! The celebs with the crazy colored hair is think is silly too.. everyone looks better with a natural color.
jujube on January 09
WOW! there are some thigns here I managed to blissfully not know about! thank you for bringing them to light, some horrors and fantastic photos I'm glad to have seen
ladymacabre on January 08
I cringed at Lindsay Lohan's teeth, and shook my head at the checkered lips! I didn't even know that there were Animal Shapped eyelashes, that's kitsch.
cortneyclift on January 08
Ooh Lindsay Lohan's teeth are tough to look at. That alone would probably convince me to quit smoking, if I in fact smoked. I have never really been a fan of Nicki Minaj's style. She always looks like a cheap version of Lady Gaga. www.qacreate.com
jujube on January 09
ouch! back off on the Nicki Pickin' guys.. Granted, I'm no expert or devout fan, but she captured my heart with her SNL sketch : "Do the Creep.."
VictoriaB on January 08
like articles like this!
HRich on January 08
OMG.....is she soo ugly, she has to hide her face like that???!!!
bellenoelle on January 07
FallingFruits on January 07
Maybe the Mayan Apocalypse will be a fashion and style enlightenment...
Nohas on January 06
hahahaa LOL
Mishelle on January 05
haha such a funny article
haikA on January 05
Lool! Hd to go back and check out Nicki's hair one more time. I totally get it :)
jujube on January 09
Unicorn poo! thas fantastic!
blairbadge on January 06
I know this is horrible, but when I first showed my husband that photo he said, "Looks like unicorn poo" - Maybe Nicki can redeem herself in 2012 :)
Savae on January 05
You missed 95% of Lady Gaga's wardrobe! Also, the wet hair thing looks "greasy" to me!
blairbadge on January 06
I purposefully did that. She would have taken up the ENTIRE article! Plus, I'm kind of in denial that her and her "fashion faux pas" even exist. Heh.
MGNSPR on January 05
I really hope 2012 offers less of these beauty disasters. I mean I don't know whats the point of lip tattoos and if one more gas station starts selling feather anything I am going to scream and trash the display. The damn trend has its own infomercial...its ridiculous. And to think we are now putting them on our pets....what has the world come too?!?!?? Thanks for sharing though..lol
blairbadge on January 06
Haha - Just laughed aloud at your rant. I hear you... :)
pandaphilia on January 05
i think feather extensions are lame ... one trend that shouldn't have happened. faux feather capes, skirts, to accessorize are beautiful
CHEAPwelcome on January 05
boredstephanie on January 04
actually I read a yahoo article that the feathers for feather extensions come from specially bred birds who die from the plucking process :(
blairbadge on January 04
Yes - Unfortunately a majority of feather extension suppliers euthanize the roosters after they're plucked. They're specifically bred to be harvested for their feathers since rooster meat is too tough to eat. I know, TMI but... Poor things! :/
F4SHI0N on January 04
headbandit on January 04
This was such a fun read! Haha, I think the Puppylocks are the worst. What really gets me too is when I see anyone over 40 with feathers in their hair, agh. And the visible powder thing is too funny. Celebs should do photo checks of their makeup before leaving the house/salon!
blairbadge on January 04
I hear ya! It was a zoo of feathers at my salon last winter/spring. Just think of all those poor roosters! Ouch! :)
LouiseDarling on January 04
I can just hear the sacarasm dripping from your voice! Haha, I could never do that typing!
blairbadge on January 04
Teehee... I'm glad you caught that! I guess it was pretty obvious... :) Thanks for the compliment though. Seriously!
MissMasa on January 04
Bahaha, "drowned rat" is actually a term that my boyfriend and I use quite often. Refreshing to see others use it!
blairbadge on January 04
Oh yes... I've got lots of cheesy phrases up my sleeve. We should spread "drowned rat" like wildfire! ;)
Radical1 on January 04
Haha, your tone is so funny. I couldn't agree more on these looks though. I'd pass on them all.
blairbadge on January 04
There were soooo many beauty "blunders" to choose from in 2011 - Made my job easy! :)

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