"New Year, New You" Yeah, Right

Updated on Jan 03, 2012

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syjjang on February 25
Thank you for this!
junn on January 31
I agree with you Meeukee1, it's only the ned of January and I have already bought 3 pairs of shoes! it's hard! there are soooo many lovely shoes to choose from! :)
Meeukee1 on January 30
On number 3- Only buy shoes if I really need them; that one will be a tough one for me. I bought a total of 5 pairs of shoes last year and I have yet to wear them out. I love shoes, but it's true, if they're sitting in a box waiting to be worn, than it was definitely an impulse buy, and we don't want that...
chic_geek on January 26
Nice new year resolutions! Trying to spend less money on clothes is one of mine! I don't go shopping often but I definitely do more shopping than my bf! Since I live with him I've realised how much girls spend on clothes and other stuff we don't really need. Buying stuff on sales, street markets or doing your own manicure is a great way to look pretty for less. Totally agree with you! :)
SabrinaPurtee on January 17
I think this is most definitely a new year's res list I can stick to. Thanks for doing our work for us :) I think num 6 is the one that most fits me. I'm such a worrier!
looney_lovegood on January 17
I totally get you--I think I have a mild case of cronophobia (fear of wasting time).
Clairesy on January 16
great post! My 2012 resolutions are to sew more (or more to the point....learn to sew properly! haha); stop procrastinating a.k.a. make the most of my time AND my big one...I'm not going to be afraid to be good. Thanks for a great read! x
looney_lovegood on January 17
You're welcome! Glad I could help!
allymazing on January 16
so true! especially the water one, for me
MintJulep on January 16
I paint my nails watching TV. Good fun, really, and it works.
Hasarose on January 16
I really enjoyed reading this, it's so funny and yet very true! :D And I definitely agree about going thrifiting!
looney_lovegood on January 16
Thank you! Isn't thrifting just the best? I've found approximately half my wardrobe at thrift stores. They're usually the most unique pieces, too.
kathleenrheag on January 16
This is just the kind of article I've been looking for! This is truly fantastic that I think I won't not go thrifting for my birthday this month :)
briannamiller9625 on January 16
Great article! One of my "resolutions" was to get myself to some sewing classes to learn how to sew... not only to make my own clothes, but to alter ones I find cheap that just need a hem/sleeves shortened, etc. And making my own clothes would just be a nice bonus to knowing how to sew!
wglod on January 16
I loved this! I really think that these are very realistic and doable resolutions. My faves were: shop only during sales, shop at thrift stores (which I already do, but it's cool to see that other chictopians do it too!) and drink more water. Very go
LeaDoremi on January 16
I love sewing too....
neiry12 on January 16
Very helpful post, one of my resolutions is to also make my own clothes! So hopefully I can save more money.
lizzified on January 11
absolutely enjoyed this! each point is humorously true :)
looney_lovegood on January 11
Thank you! I try.....
J0eAnn on January 09
this article is so funny and yet so true. i took a sewing class once and tried to sew some articles of clothing but found myself using crappy tarpy fabrics that did not hang well on me. seeing all of these resolutions laid out in a list though is def helpful....i think about all of these things literally every time I get dressed!
looney_lovegood on January 09
Thanks! I'm glad I could help, I know how overwhelming it can be to keep all these things in your head without having them written out. I went insane doing that. Literally.
notsohum on January 08
I do the exact same thing with the water. I won't drink water all day sometimes
cortneyclift on January 08
I like the idea of making the most of you time, by actually letting yourself think freely for a few minutes during the day. However, maybe if you are able to do it more than a few minutes you can think about something a little deeper than tomorrow's outfit. www.qacreate.com
boredstephanie on January 06
great goals!
OnTheGanges on January 06
I try to wait to shop during sales, but being petite, most of the time, the stuff in my size is sold out. :( However, this does make thrifting a lot more enjoyable for me, and sometimes, I buy a size up and take in the clothing by hand to make it fit. (I once bought a pair of size 8 shorts and now they fit like a size 2/3!)
CourtneyLynnEichin on January 04
i already do most of these things! haha i guess im on my A game :)
littlelle on January 04
These are awesome. I admire your resolution to make your own clothes! Post the results, I'd love to see! The only thing I disagree with is shopping at Salvation Army. They have very discriminatory policies towards members of the LGBT community, and there are other places, like Goodwill and local thrift stores that offer similar selections. :)
looney_lovegood on January 04
Thank you so much! I'll be sure to post the finished products. I had no idea about Salvation Army--I've never actually been there, but a few people have told me that it's a good thrift store. Not going there. Thanks for letting me know. I'm a personal fan of Buffalo Exchange, so I have no reason to stop going there.
Iulykz on January 04
Great article! I deshydrate myself constantly too. It happens to me to not drink water for two days, this post really helped me. Thank you.
filipina on January 04
love this article! just what we needed to read this new year.. :)
Mishelle on January 03
great article~
starry_eyed on January 03
Love this post! Very helpful.
looney_lovegood on January 04
Thank you!
HeadFirst on January 03
This is a fantastic EIU. Love this, and it has definitely given me lots of ideas for this year! I always have trouble and regret when i spend too much... Definitely need to stop shoe shopping and start thrifting
looney_lovegood on January 04
I'm so glad I could help :D
KeshTatya on January 03
I do agree that high expectations may lead to frustrating failure. Aim realistically. And also I will be more productive this year. Less unnecessary retail shopping, make clothes! :)
pandaphilia on January 03
you're absolutely hilarious! this is my fave EIU post yet! keep writing girl, because you speak the truth. faved!
looney_lovegood on January 04
Thanks so much!

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