The unfulfilled goddess dream

Updated on Oct 29, 2011
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wowalyssa 's Thoughts:

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always wanted to be the princess, the goddess, or the star… I even call myself “superstarLY.” I have 4 bestfriends, and we call ourselves, princess, dutchess, etc. and they call me “the goddess.” You can’t blame me for dreaming… they live a glamorous lifestyle and they sure have a handsome prince charming. And someday, I hope that I will have a “princess” life too…

Now, I am all grown up… You can finally call me a lady but I still don’t have that “princess” life. It finally hit me that I will never be a princess…

Nevertheless, I can still live that dream…for one night, one special night where we celebrate my transformation from a young lady to a woman, my 18th birthday.

Last April 9,2011 my parents have prepared a party for my debut at the Golden Bay Restaurant.

Everything was like a fantasy, everything is gold and glittery. There’s my two Spartans beside me guarding me while I dance and glide as I enter a very big room full of people. Everything was fantastic! Until I finally get a good view of the whole room from my thrown. There are lots of people… but they are not my friends, they are the friends of my mother…majority of my friends did not show up. And even the 3 of my bestfriends wasn’t there, non of my high school friends where there, and only a few of my relatives went…

Before my actual party, my mom and I were arguing. She almost cancelled the party… She got mad at me for not doing this and that, for being like this and like that… Sometimes, I don’t know why she even get mad at me…

After my debut, my friends and I went to Republiq to party, but unfortunately, only 3 of us were able to enter because the others forgot their I.D.’s…and thebouncer got mad at me and did not let me enter the first time. I didn’t even know what I did.

I designed a gown, and I was so excited to show my own design on my birthday, but the seamstress was not able to sew my gown because of her incompetence.

Do you think the dress looks like a dress for a goddess?

That special night that is supposed to be my night of being a goddess became the worst night of my life…

Now, my goddess dream was completely ruined. This event made me realize that I can never be a goddess, a princess nor a star and I will always be a loser…

I haven’t still recovered from what happened, and my life became worse. I feel so alone right now.

I don’t know how or when will I have a happy ending… perhaps, a prince charming…

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