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Updated on Jun 05, 2008
H&M dress - f21 purse - Zara blazer - vintage belt
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fashionispoison 's Thoughts:

Upon walking into what is now an almost empty walk-in closet of my boyfriend’s (he insists that it’s been mine since I kind of took over it), I immediately regretted hitting that snooze button more than once this morning as I realized I stepped into a realm of “nothing to wear” and needed more time to put together my outfit of the day. Don’t you just hate it when there are so many pieces of clothing right under your nose, yet you have no idea what to wear or feel like you have nothing to wear? I normally only take a few minutes to get dressed but it’s usually the days after I pre-planned my outfit that I change my mind, especially when I’m on a time crunch, and end up wearing something completely different. I purposely prepared 10 tentative outfits for the following few days and packed everything else away two nights ago but I was so sleepy that I couldn’t remember which top was going with which bottom and so forth. While my mind was still in cloud nine, I gazed at the 10 sets of scattered outfits- what I thought would help me get out of the house in a matter of minutes. Surely, it did not. Hearing the robotic “It’s 8:30 am” alert from Lolita (my macbook) as my final warning to get dressed immediately did me the favor of waking me up and encouraged me to…em, hurry my butt up. Before going to bed I decided I’d wear my The Row dress today but it still had its tags attached and I didn’t have my scissors handy. The Row pieces all come with a sewn tag that hangs out of the garment and should be cut carefully. Anyway, since the finding of the scissors amongst our trail of packed boxes and such, required some more thinking (something I refuse to do any morning before getting to the office really), I went for the H&M little black dress and my Zara blazer. 30 seconds later, I looked into the mirror and realized I was lacking something fun. In my book, fun = color. Much to my fortune, I spotted my recently found vintage belt with what my, ‘eagle eye vision’, my best friend calls it. I kind of hate dressing up for work sometimes…

Comments (4)

helenz (@helenzhu) on June 06
great belt!
kcchuu on June 05
i love this! where are your shoes from? they're so cute
fashionispoison on June 06
thanks! i got the shoes on a super sale at DSW- my shoe heaven (sometimes)
Maeko on June 05
lucky you can wear something that short to work! Cute!
fashionispoison on June 05
Yeah that's the limit I almost pushed it!
lulu on June 05
Great work outfit! Can you make the picture fit a bit more into the frame? Would love to put this in the gallery.
fashionispoison on June 06
finally changed it for ya!
fashionispoison on June 05
yaa! waiting for bf to get off his computer coz that's where the pic is saved :)
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