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Updated on Sep 26, 2010
red thrifted shoes - beige vintage shirt - blue thrifted - black Target gloves -
Red-thrifted-shoes-beige-vintage-shirt-blue-thrifted-black-target-gloves- Red-thrifted-shoes-beige-vintage-shirt-blue-thrifted-black-target-gloves- Red-thrifted-shoes-beige-vintage-shirt-blue-thrifted-black-target-gloves- Red-thrifted-shoes-beige-vintage-shirt-blue-thrifted-black-target-gloves- Red-thrifted-shoes-beige-vintage-shirt-blue-thrifted-black-target-gloves-
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angiekje 's Thoughts:

name Hope Adela Pasztor
age 17
location Central Pennsylvania
boyfriend Not at the moment. As much as I enjoyed my previous romantic relationship, I need to focus more on my academic studies and fashion career plan right now.
style icon I really like Clara Bow, 80’s Madonna, and Marie Antoinette and Madame du Barry from the Sophia Coppola film.
favourite chicpost of your own This is one of favourite chicpost
favourite chicpost of someone else I LOVE the effortless glamour of both the outfit and the picture. The festive sequined top, red lipstick and sparkly jewellery are so creatively paired with the 80’s jeans, ankle boots, and fedora. Additionally, this picture also seems like it could tell a story.

This honest and lovely Chictopian has been a proud member of the EIU contributors group for a month now. Her flawless vintage style has got her on the first page several times. You can find more about this girl on her enchanting blog or Chictopia blog by the name of Pink_Champagne

Hope Adela, how would you define your own signature style? My style is an eclectic combination of all-around vintage. I love mixing up different decades for an anachronistic look. My favourite fashion decades are the 1920’s (fringed skirts, long pearl necklaces, Art Nouveau jewellery, exaggerated makeup), 1950’s (red lipstick, cat’s eye sunglasses, full skirts, headscarves, polished pumps) and the 1980’s (big hair, floral rompers, brightly-colored eye shadow, crazy tights, lots of jewellery). When I was younger, I used to go for more trendy outfits; incorporating every little fad into my vintage ensembles. Now, I stay more true to my own style foundations, although I’m always open to discovering new fashion elements.

What are your goals on chictopia? When I first joined Chictopia, in October of 2008, it soon became my goal to become a Chictopian Style Icon. For those of you who were here back then, you will remember my ultra-heavy campaign, which even reached to the point of pseudo message-spamming. I’ve gained some maturity since then. Sure, it would be nice to become a Style Icon someday, but my goals for right now are to publish interesting articles on EIU, as well as start back up with my own outfit posts. My parents put me on a fashion blogging ban for six months, but now that I’m “ungrounded”, I hope to be posting some of my own outfits on here again.

You seem to pick up trends in the style gallery pretty easily. How do you do it? When it comes to fashion, I’ve always been pretty alert. Because of my love for vintage clothing, I find it very easy to predict what styles are coming back in vogue. There’s about a 15-20 year gap between popular fashions, so now (and within the next couple of years), we’ll be seeing a lot of 90’s comebacks: suspenders, jumpers, side ponytails, grungy florals, lace-up boots, Clueless-esque schoolgirl chic, and pops of bright colours. As far as deciphering trends in the Style Gallery, I deem something a “trend” when I see 5-10 people wearing it within roughly a weekly time spam. I’ll then compose an article discussing the trend, in which I’ll showcase 3-5 of my favourite trendsetters.

Why did you decide to become an EIU contributor? I’ve been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember. When I was a sophomore in highschool, I discovered this huge passion for writing via an online AP English class, so fashion journalism seemed like the perfect career. I wrote a weekly fashion column for my local newspaper for a year and a half, but quit after I graduated highschool in order to focus on summer college courses. As classes progressed, I was able to manage my time better, and applied for EIU in late August. I wanted to write for EIU because of the community interaction that’s involved, as well as the possibility of attending NYC fashion week. Also I enjoy scouting out the Style Gallery for emerging trends; it really keeps your eyes open for new fashion options (and gives you a heads up on what to incorporate into your own wardrobe!). It’s also interesting interviewing Chic People. Not only can you visually admire their outfits, but you also get to learn more about why their outfits look the way they do. My advice for becoming a regular contributor is to really put your heart into your work. No matter how busy your schedule, if you truly want to accomplish something you are bound to do it. Even one published article per week is enough to make you become a regular contributor. Set aside an hour or two on the weekends and write that one article!

How do you choose who you want to interview? I like finding out more about the Chictopians whose style I admire, as well as popularizing their Chicblogs/personal blogs through EIU. As for the interview questions, I like to go over a few basic fashion questions, after which, I like to make the interview both informative and creatively intriguing. I’m always brainstorming for new and interesting questions to ask in Chic People interviews!

Thank you my dear colleague for your inspiring words and insight in your chic wardrobe called life. For anyone out there who would love to become a regular EIU contributor; upload two writing samples to your Chictopia blog and contact Cheri either on facebook or twitter, sending her a link to your submissions. They are looking for rich content that is relevant and interesting to our community members. You can read more about it: here and here
Thank you for reading!!

Comments (37)

ciuxy on February 04
nice combo
143 on April 06
Awesome :)
Ayaka on November 10
gorgeous outfits!
VintageBou_Tique on October 18
I love it <3 From one thrifter to another x
springfiry on September 28
Love her style!
butterfliesandkisses on September 27
i love those outfits..
kisforkani on September 27
great interview with lovely meaningful, questions. really enjoyed reading it and lovely photos too!
angiekje on September 27
thank you lucky girl :p shouldn't you be sleeping now ;) or do you have to go to work :)
starryeyed on September 27
those outfits are gorgeous. what another amazing interview angie :)
angiekje on September 27
thanks :)
FashionIsMy_Passion on September 27
omg! love photos! outfits are amazing!
liviapangdoko on September 27
oh my god, you're so gorgeous, love your all photos. yo have amazing style
LA_blog on September 27
Squarectomy on September 27
You are rocking those shortalls! Love Grace.
tauyanm on September 26
aww!! luv the red shoes!! ol pics were adorablE!! =)
derdera on September 26
so chic! love her purse!!
Hawaiikidd on September 26
OMYGAHDDDDD!! shes 17? i thought she was way older. in a good way of course. like 22 or 23. Love her style!!
keogan42 on September 26
i like all of these girly looks
chanelgirl on September 26
super cool!!!1
JodiElizabeth on September 26
i love the outfit!!! and her style is fabulous, great article to!!
shalompanganiban on September 26
Aphrodite on September 26
i love her eclectic style. Not everybody can look pull off her looks! Another great work A!
lissakahayon on September 26
love her style!
carizzachua on September 26
interesting styles :D
rebeccarugby on September 26
that is some seriously cool stuff she is wearing! i love her blog on here too!!
solybBy on September 26
cool post
BadTasteToast on September 26
yes she has such a unique and eclectic style, very stylish girl for sure!
Style_Journey on September 26
ohh, you're new profile picture is totaly GORGEOUS, dear!! and this interview is so cool!! l loooove Pink_Champagner and her always lovely posts and interviews!! definetely one of my fav chictopians ever!! :D
vrod on September 26
Long leather gloves a very sweet touch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AmandaBrohman on September 26
great interview, great style!
Pink_Champagne on September 26
thank you so much, angie! i really appreciate this! =)
angiekje on September 26
you are welcome :)
franloiacono on September 26
I can't believe she was only 17 and with this great sense of style!! I remember since I joined too..that means she was even younger! lol Loved the interview as usual :D
StylePantry on September 26
She is so adorable. Goodness, I can't believe she is only 17. Great interview. Kudos to you both and keep up the good work. xo
plasticscribbles on September 26
I love those shortalls! And that shirt! Everything is lovely!
twin on September 26
love the interview && looks
Laura86 on September 26
she is amazing! I love her style and her interviews! Great job Adela!
cityofbugs on September 26
great interview, she is so unique and gorgeous! and what a lovely name too :)
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on September 26
amazingly stylish girl!!
Yanie on September 26
love the outfit!!!
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