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Hanjiro shirt - handmade tie - Sisley sweater - Zara pants - boots
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franloiacono 's Thoughts:

Hi Chictopians!
Another week began…hope everyone’s ok! I’m feeling quite good!!
During the week-end I surfed the web a lot and…..I ended doing some online shopping lol So I feel quite guilty but I look forward to have my new purchases and to show them also here ;) I think it will take a while…

I’ve seen this sort of test in the forums , created by NewLook24 and I thought to share it here too, so here we go:

1. What is your favorite outfit that you have right now?
It’s pretty hard to decide. I think I like the combination blue/gray, more than gray/black or total black, lately. So I like a lot my almost new blue H&M shirt with the lace, with gray pants and of course a vest! Among my last uploads this and this one are my fave! :)

2. If you could hire any fashion designer to create a whole wardrobe for you who would it be and why?
Vivienne Westwood! Even if sometimes her creations are not so wearable in the everyday life (thinking about the life that I have lol), I adore her work, collections, soul and ideas. So please Vivienne: upgrade my style and closet! lol

3. What are your top 5 (or more if you want) essential clothing staples?
Ties. All kind of ties, I always want to find new ones. I’m starting a little collection :D
Shirts. There’s no tie without shirt lol
Vests. I love them to death :D Unfortunately I don’t have so many ones, also because I need them to fit me perfectly, and most of the times it doesn’t happen. Guess I have a strange body shape lol
Jackets. I’ve just bought 2 new ones lol
Pants. I’m not so proud of my undies, so I must wear pants ahah

4.Is there any person or character who’s style you really admire?
Uhm. I think I do like Brandon Flowers style, and also what Chuck Bass character usually wears. There are also lot of fashion bloggers and chictopians that I admire!

5. Is there a certain city or country who you think has great style?
Tokyo! Both boys&girls there have amazing style, they’re quite free about what they can wear, and I also think there’s a kind of respect. Sometimes in my hometown I wasn’t sure I could go out dressing excatly I would…while when in Tokyo I felt like I could try everything! I’d love to live there!

6. Which colors/patterns do you love to wear the most?
I’m not so fond of patterns, or prints. I do like monochrome, even if sometimes I can change my mind! ;) I think everyone one knows here that I love darker colours. I do love black and gray. Blue, purple. I have to admit that i received some messages asking me why I never try something more colorful. I think it would be a little hard for me, I always think that I’d love to try, but I end up wearing always the same colours (and buying the same colours)! lol Sorry!

7. Any trends you wish were never created?
I don’t care that much. I follow a trend only if I like that, and if I feel fine with an “old” trend, I don’t mind wearing that also beside the trend ends. I think I’m also quite classic, so maybe I’m not so into trends. I also think that anyone can try the trends if they feel ok with that, even if it is true that sometimes not all trends can fit to everyone…

8. What do you think are the best trends ever?
No idea ahah. I think I was happy when skinny jeans/pants came out also for guys.

9. Do you have any clothing goals right now? (ex. your currently saving up for a D&G dress)
Uhm. I’d love to buy a certain Vivienne Westwood t-shirt… lol

10. Favorite season to dress in?
I think I love every season. At the end of every season I get bored so I want the weather to get warmer/colder so that I can wear something different lol Among seasons I think the more difficult for me, to dress, is Winter! God, it’s coming… lol

11. Which clothes from what decade or era do you think should make a comeback?
Dunno. I’m quite in love with what may look as punk. Even if I don’t feel like I could wear something like that anymore! lol I’m too old…

12. Why do you like fashion?
I think I love different aspects about fashion. I adore fashion editorials, photography, photographers, street-style, some designers. So there’s always a new vibe that interests me. Thinking about me, I do love dressing in a certain way, style. I like to show my tastes. I like to add little pieces to try my so-called personal style.

I also want to thank Hypercoolmike that gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award too!

I do love this cardigan lol


Comments (25)

4everUSMC on November 01
Black, hand-made tie? How it tops-off that whole entire dandy-fit, quite nicely! The sweater gives it all, a less formal vibe, however still serves the purpose of classy and chic! Very nice...XOX!
ConcepcionCarger on January 24
Your outfits have a very style, which is awesome,, yoou are a shrewd stylist...
franloiacono on January 25
Wow...thank you so much, so kind!!!
irlandamc on December 13
i love ur pants, skinny, sexy
franloiacono on December 13
Thank you so much!
mathonka on December 08
love this!!
franloiacono on December 08
Thanks :D
mao_g on November 29
loved loved the tie!!!
franloiacono on December 05
Thank you very much :))
HoneyBunny on November 27
You look incredibly stunning! Love this look, love this tie! And great interview/test! :)) :****
franloiacono on November 29
Thank you so much Nat :D
CastawayVintage on November 24
great tie and shirt
franloiacono on November 25
Thank you :D
liluchious on November 24
this is great! and ooWyeaah fo #8 and #12...
franloiacono on November 24
Thank you so much for commenting and reading!
playwithfire on November 24
love it!
franloiacono on November 24
Thanks :)
mell on November 24
i love this outfit on you! i agree with #3. sometimes when i find a great vest, it doesnt look good on me. so i have to put it down :|. ahhh and chuck bass!!! love him!
franloiacono on November 24
I know that :( It happened to me some days ago with a cool h&m vest :( Thanks!! :D
classietrashie on November 23
I love the black sweater over the gray button up. And of course you always have the best ties. Chic as always (and always and always and always)
franloiacono on November 24
Thank you so much!! :D
miss_scientist on November 23
great combination, i especially dig the tie.
franloiacono on November 24
Thank you very much :D
YekkY on November 23
Very Stylish.... ;) As always...
franloiacono on November 24
Thank you! Love your new avatar-pic :D
plparayno on November 23
this is super chic sir! love the black sweater! x
franloiacono on November 24
Thank you for all your kind commentes :D
Adrian_Cano on November 23
this outfit is wicked! lve it!
franloiacono on November 24
Thank you Adrian! :D
Aphrodite on November 23
Oh again you are WoW!!!! and Chuck Bass?!!! Please give me a Chuck Bass number!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah that devil, i worship him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
franloiacono on November 24
Eheh lol Thank you so much! I prefer having his stylist number lol :D
idee_geniale on November 23
You look very dapper!! Cool, thanks for sharing all these q & a's.
franloiacono on November 24
Thanks for reading and commenting :D
Style_Journey on November 23
aww, this preppy outfit is so gossip girl like and you look adorable! :X
franloiacono on November 24
So sweet, thank you so much :D
especially on November 23
franloiacono on November 24
Thank you :D
Etceteravs on November 23
hey dear! this looks really nice. you wore this for work? very appropriate i guess :) i love cardigans, i love shirts and jeans... and i really like this tie of yours! one of my fav looks here!
franloiacono on November 24
Yes I did! lol Even if it's not so easy being chic at work! lol But I feel quite free right now! Thank you very much :D
Jai on November 23
Great outfit.
franloiacono on November 24
Thank you :D
colormenana on November 23
Sweet ook!
franloiacono on November 23
Thanks :)
aivanmagno on November 23
I agree! Your the king or ribbon and ties! Awesome!!! Preppy at its best :D
franloiacono on November 23
Eheh....thank you so much! That's so nice :D
rosalita_fashionista on November 23
so classy!
franloiacono on November 23
Thank you :D
BethanyD on November 23
Love the tie, shirt, and sweater!
franloiacono on November 23
Thank you! You're always so fast lol :D
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