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Updated on Jun 11, 2009
thrifted jacket - barbados shorts - Zara - Mac & Jac t-shirt - Blowfish boots
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idee_geniale 's Thoughts:

I joined chictopia because I thought it’d be a great way to make full use of my wardrobe ( and I love seeing how others put together their looks). I feel like so far, i’ve done quite a good job at not repeating outfits and I have this blog to prove it. So with this said, I am breaking my rule and posting this outfit with a repeater item.
I know i’ve posted these shorts a little while ago, but today, this outfit just popped into my mind!!! Please forgive me.
The good thing is that this look is completely different than the original posted, so I guess you should give me credit for that!

On another note, I just joined It’s a make-up/product swap website where you swap items that you don’t want or have never used for stuff you might like with other users. I am patiently waiting for my goodies to come in the mail.

Since i’ve started talking about products, here are some products that I cannot do without and use everyday: Essie nailpolish in Jazz, and Greenport, Ojon Conditioning finishing paste, Benefit lipstick in No Competition, MAC eyeshadows in Patina and Tempting, Big Sexy hair What a Tease spray, Neutrogena sesame body oil, T3+Orlando Pita volumizing dry shampoo (dark tone), MAC powder blush in Buff.

Uh, there’s the short list. I may have left something out but I think that gives you a pretty good idea of my morning ritual before taking these pics!

Comments (11)

fugee on June 14
love the shorts and the touch of red on your outfit!!!
NickieSIXX on June 13
It's completely fine to wear the same item again, just style it up differently like you did here, and it doesn't even read as a repeat outfit. What you have here looks completely different from the last time you posted the shorts. Very well done!
Etceteravs on June 12
hey i especially loved the pop of red! nice jacket and I would wear those shorts over and over again too ;)
mila on June 12
love those boots!
banaANAS on June 12
i love that jacket!! and please, everyone repeats everyonce in a while like some men, i know alot of guys that have like 10 shirts all together and that is what they wear in 6 months till they change one why should we worry? thats why things last us years! :) the shorts are lovely!
lydia on June 12
Really cute! Don't worry about posting the same item, that just shows you're an everyday girl who doesn't have an infinite amount of clothing to choose from. I love that jacket!
youngbones on June 12
love the shorts and jacket. I see nothing wrong with posting an item more than once esp. if its a completely different type of look.
lexiiiipop on June 11
Styledbysae on June 11
perfect ensemble! my vote goes to you..
pemora on June 11
i love shorts with tights. if it's still rainy and cold in nyc tomorrow, i might try it out...
idee_geniale on June 11
hehe, when is it NOT rainy & cold in NYC?? I think we're to be expecting rain all weekend!
mallobar on June 11
cute shorts
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